An interactive visualization, analysis and annotation tool designed specifically for digital pathology

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An interactive visualization, analysis and annotation tool designed specifically for digital pathology


Learn More About PathViewer 2.0

Our enhanced visualization, analysis and annotation tool for digital pathology

As the pathology imaging field advances, data management solutions need to keep pace. At Glencoe, we are constantly searching for ways to innovate and improve our products. We talk to customers, listen to feedback, and survey the marketplace to determine what enhancements we need to make to our software. We are now proud to introduce the new PathViewer 2.0.

What’s New?

PathViewer is our powerful image data management and access solution created expressly for researchers and pathologists. Built to work seamlessly with Glencoe’s OMERO Plus and OMERO from OME, PathViewer is a dedicated solution tailored to support the digital pathology workflow. This web browser-based platform agnostic application allows you to visualize, annotate and share pathology images—simply and from anywhere you work.

One of the biggest growth areas in the field of digital pathology is the use of a large number of channels, which vastly increases the number of probes and pathways detectable with immunostaining. This creates a challenge in that it can be difficult to switch between channels and easily explore the vast amount of data created by this method.

Below are the newest features that solve this problem:


Features of the PathViewer

Creating a product specifically for pathologists involved carefully selecting and developing features that would enhance existing workflows. This includes the following features:

  • Simple, clean, intuitive, easy to use interface for end users
  • Free-hand annotation and drawing tools
  • Ability to adjust contrast, brightness and color levels
  • Visible slide barcode and information overview
  • Fast zoom, highlighting and image rotation functions
  • Options to change magnification levels – much like in standard microscopy
  • Secure user security permissions
  • Support for large multi-terabyte datasets
  • Scalable system for any size organization, from one slide to one million slides!

Data Management Experts

Glencoe’s team boasts decades of experience in computational image informatics. Our solutions are used in thousands of institutions worldwide to power big image data discovery. We leverage expertise constantly to benefit our customers. We can provide everything needed to accelerate department-wide implementation and help you move successfully to a digital pathology environment. Custom linkage to internal electronic lab notebooks (ELN) with the option to create customizable properties is also possible.

Superior Service and Support

Glencoe can provide comprehensive levels of support and service based on your needs. Installation, software and system architecture support as well as performance tuning and monitoring can all be covered.

Our dedicated team of professionals will tailor a solution to fit your organization’s needs and keep everything running long after installation.

PathViewer - Powered by Glencoe Software

Glencoe Software is a small group of dedicated people who love big data. We are committed to the delivery of innovative, scalable, easy-to-use scientific image data solutions for our clients. We make the viewing, sharing, analysis and management of large sets of images and metadata easy and accessible to everyone in your team or organization. Let us help you manage and share your data, images and videos and together drive your goals for data management, sharing and discovery.

*For research use only.