Joshua “JB” Ballanco

Software Developer

About JB

Joshua Ballanco joined Glencoe Software in November 2013. Prior to that, he helped build operating systems with Apple, local news websites with AOL, and consulted with companies large and small as Chief Scientist at Burnside Digital.

Before, and sometimes concurrent with his career as a professional software developer, he was a student of Evolutionary Biology, attaining his Ph.D. in the field in 2011.

These days, he lives in beautiful Turkey with his wife, young son, and baby daughter.

  • Home: Ankara, Turkey (but sometimes Bodrum, Turkey)
  • Why Glencoe? Upon finishing my Ph.D. in Biochemistry, I made the choice to follow my second love, programming, and ended up with a career as a Software Engineer. As much fun as that has been, I am very excited that Glencoe is finally letting me indulge my interest in both programming and science.
  • 3 Likes: Good food (Turkish is best), good conversation, travel
  • 2 Interesting Facts:
    • I met my wife in Miami. She’s Turkish. I’m from Chicago.
    • I’m half Swiss.
  • 1 Dislike: Using tabs to indent code!