Liza Unson

Senior UI/UX Designer

About Liza

Liza Unson joined Glencoe in January 2012 as a Senior UI/UX Designer.

She has a BA in Chemistry from New York University, but later decided to switch careers from HR consulting to design after majoring in Web Design and Interactive Media at The Art Institute in California — San Francisco.

When she’s not drafting wireframes, creating mockups, and coding in HTML and CSS, she can be found pursuing her interests in pilates and yoga, photography, world travel, and interior design.

Liza lives in Maryland with her husband, daughter, and two dogs, but she’ll always be a New York City girl at heart.

  • Home: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  • Why Glencoe? Because she gets to do what she loves (Design + Science!) from wherever she can get an Internet connection
  • 3 Likes: corgis, Burmese cuisine, Reese’s peanut butter cups
  • 2 Interesting Facts:
    • It’s pronounced “Leesa”. Her parents named her after Elvis Presley’s daughter and spelled her name wrong.
    • Liza can’t swim, but is fine with snorkeling so long as she gets to wear floaties.
  • 1 Dislike: ketchup