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OMERO plus

Glencoe’s OMERO Plus delivers enterprise data management for scientific images and any associated metadata — comments, results, and documents — for life sciences, biomedical research and clinical trials. OMERO Plus offers simple yet powerful interfaces that let you view, manage, share, analyze and publish data.

OMERO Plus uses Bio-Formats, the world's most popular scientific image translation software, to access and integrate image data. This gives you the power to combine images from any modern imaging modality — light and electron microscopy, digital pathology, high-content screening — in a single system.

OMERO Plus clients let you access your data from a remote OMERO Plus server and view it from anywhere. Then, analyze it with your favorite analysis tools in one simple framework.

The best part? OMERO Plus is established and accepted. It’s used in numerous commercial applications and validated by labs all over the world.

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How It Works

OMERO Plus is based on OMERO, the world-leading open source image data management software platform developed and released by the Open Microscopy Environment. OMERO Plus is a commercially licensed, supported, warrantied version with several additional enhancements, plug-ins and applications. OMERO Plus is a powerhouse enterprise software platform that can be run in any commercial environment. In addition, over 150 image file formats are compatible with Bio-Formats and thus OMERO, including all major microscope, high-content screening (HCS) and Digital Pathology formats.

Want to write your own plugins, analysis tools or client applications tailored exactly to your workflow? Java, C++, Python and MATLAB® are all supported.

Why Choose Glencoe?

Glencoe Software delivers OMERO Plus, a customized, tested, supported, and warrantied commercial version of open source OMERO. We add custom modules to improve performance and utility in high-content screening and digital pathology. We can also offer custom integration for your installation.

With Glencoe Software, you get special domain-specific modules, a private dedicated support network, guaranteed response times, and access to expertise for customization of OMERO and Bio-Formats. We work closely with the open source OME development team, continuously giving back to core OME development, and accessing the latest updates as they are released. New functionality, performance improvements and enhancements can be delivered as soon as they are available.

Need Custom Support?

Leverage Glencoe’s private support network, dedicated service team and expert developers to move your research forward, collaborate easily and free your lab to explore more.