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The foundation of Bio-Formats and OMERO Plus is the Open Microscopy Environment (OME). This means you have access to community support forums and years of expertise - all just a click away.

Glencoe can provide even more comprehensive levels of support. Installation, software and system architecture support as well as performance tuning and monitoring are all covered. We can even run your licensed OMERO application on our servers.

The best part of being covered by Glencoe Software? We will deploy the latest bug fixes and product enhancements as they are made available. The latest version is always covered.

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Support by Glencoe Software

On Premise:
System Installation

We offer seamless, scalable, customized and validated installation by our expert team. This saves you time and gives you the added assurance that installation will go smoothly. We’ll get it right the first time.

Support by Glencoe Software

Hosted Solutions:
System Management & Monitoring

If you would prefer Glencoe to handle all the details, we can do that as well! We offer easy, hassle-free, unified management of your system. We’ve got you covered should a problem arise. Automated updates, 24/7 monitoring and server performance verification round out the package. This will save you - and your staff - time and allow everyone to focus on what they do best.

Support by Glencoe Software

Performance Improvements
& Bug Fixes

At Glencoe Software, our dedicated Support Team is committed to identifying, developing and delivering solutions to continually improve performance. We also endeavor to bring you the most immediate updates and bug fixes as they are made available. This means faster, prioritized fixes for you and the added bonus of a higher quality software experience in your environment.

Support by Glencoe Software

Security Support

Security is essential to any organization. Our team will make sure you have the proper configuration for your security profile and facilitate the timely deployment of any security fixes.

Why Choose Glencoe Software?

We are Known for Support

Customized, expert services and support are at your fingertips. We can provide scalable planning, testing, deployment, maintenance and upgrade services.

Customized Modular Products

Flexibility is key. Glencoe will do everything we can to help you choose the exact products that best address your needs today, all the while considering future scalability.

Dedicated Support Team

Glencoe customers rave about our dedicated support team who go the extra mile to keep the software optimized and provide timely updates. They do everything they can to ensure quick response times and fast resolutions.

We offer several service options, including:

  • Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for Bio-Formats
  • Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) for OMERO
  • Support Only Contract for OMERO
  • Support Only Contract for Bio-Formats

Need a unique solution?

Let’s work together and develop your custom Bio-Formats and OMERO Plus applications.