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Data InPress

Integrate scientific image data into online publications. Seamlessly.

Glencoe Software’s suite of Data InPress solutions help your authors share their image data and media, connect with readers, and drive integrity and reproducibility in publication.

How It Works

Our Video Injection Service makes videos an integral part of any article by placing them into the full text - automatically, inline and with no changes to your established publication workflow. Please click the links or scroll through the examples below to see how some of our customers are using our Video Injection Service for their online publications:

Glencoe’s DataViewer technology provides interactive visualization of original, multidimensional image data in over 150 different file formats - all in simple web browser plug-ins. This feature creates a much more dynamic, interactive way for readers to engage with content.

Authors can share the original image data underlying their publications to validate their findings and provide the raw materials for others to build on. Our interactive tools allow readers to take control over data visualization and to download the original files for further exploration.

The DataViewer can host a wide variety of data types, including:

Many other data types are available for use in DataViewer.

Why Choose Glencoe?

Our clients rave about our customer service and support. We hold ourselves to very high standards and always try to exceed expectations. We have created customized solutions for journals with an international readership.

Our team brings comprehensive industry experience not only as avid consumers of publications, but also from the author point of view as well as the editorial side.

Let us help you engage readers and allow authors share their images and media in new, compelling ways.

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