We’re looking for a Front End Developer at Glencoe Software.

Glencoe Software builds and delivers innovative, scalable, easy-to-use scientific imaging solutions for its clients and partners. Our proven image database technology makes the viewing, sharing, analysis and management of large sets of images and metadata easy and accessible to everyone in a group, team, project or organization.

Glencoe’s products are installed and used in several world-leading academic labs, biotechs, pharmas and publishers, solving mission-critical problems in high-content screening, digital pathology, and many other modalities. Through our OEM licensing programme, our software tools are embedded in some of the world’s most powerful and market-leading software data products. We combine world-beating technology and expertise with dedicated, reliable customer support.

Glencoe Software is looking for a vibrant, thoughtful and motivated Front End Developer to work on various projects, such as interactive visualization widgets, for the web using:

  • Web Standards based design
  • Django
  • Angular
  • React


  • Great knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS
  • Experience in web design and interactive web applications
  • Web architecture design and planning with Django
  • Experience with build tools such as Webpack, Gulp, Yarn, and NPM
  • Strong collaborative skills with an eye towards efficiency and creativity
  • Experience with distributed version control systems such as Git


  • Experience with Python and Pythonic design
  • Experience with React, Angular or Vue.js frameworks
  • Experience with GitHub
  • Hands on experience with cloud services (AWS/Azure/GCP)
  • Hands on experience with containerization technologies, e.g. Docker

Interested in joining us?

Glencoe offers a competitive compensation package, including salary, benefits and other compensation.

This position is for staff based in the East Coast US and Europe only and is available immediately. Glencoe Software is a fully remote team, this position will be 100% remote.

Join us and work with a great team of people developing the world’s most powerful Image Data Solutions. Glencoe is headquartered in Seattle, WA with offices in Dundee, UK. You will work with Glencoe’s strategic and development teams based in the US and Europe. This position is a field position and will require overnight travel and proximity to a major airport. To apply, send your CV to jobs@glencoesoftware.com.

Got what it takes?

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