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NGFF-Converter packages Glencoe Software’s and the Open Microscopy Environment's world-renowned Bio-Formats proprietary conversion library in an easy-to-use, intuitive GUI application.

NGFF-Converter can convert bioimage formats into OME-NGFF or OME-TIFF. OME-NGFF is a new, cloud-friendly data format optimized for multi-dimensional bioimaging datasets such as those used in digital pathology, multiplexed imaging, and high content screening.

These tools now make it feasible to use a cloud-based strategy for academic and industrial R&D programs that rely on bioimaging.

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The intuitive interface was designed with users in mind, providing the essential tools and functionality.

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OME-NGFF is the cloud-friendly multi-dimensional bioimaging data format, allowing storage and analysis of bioimaging data in the cloud.

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Customizable conversion options for the expert user.

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Support for novel OME-NGFF and classic OME-TIFF, both options for unifying data into a common, open format for streamlined data access and analysis.

We've put OME-NGFF to the test. Read our case study on using OME-NGFF with the OMERO-CellProfiler Connector to enable scalable image analysis in the cloud.
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