desktop monitor showing a high-content screening (HCS) plate running on OMERO Plus by Glencoe Software

High-Content Screening (HCS) Workflows Made Easy

HCS Workflows Made Easy. Quick runs. Easy shares. Fast queries. More discovery.

OMERO Plus for HCS makes mining High-Content Screening data faster and sharing with colleagues easier, giving you more opportunities for ideas and discovery.

Let’s Customize Your HCS Software
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Import from your instrument and your own metadata. Connect and organize your HCS datasets all in one place.

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Process large data volumes with your own or 3rd party tools. Capture all results and outputs in a single system for secure, collaborative access and reuse.

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Mine and interrogate multi-dimensional datasets with a flexible, customizable interface, quickly moving from Terabytes to discovery.

laptop showing high-content screening wells displayed on OMERO Plus

OMERO Plus uses Bio-Formats to recognize and import data in original formats from multiple instruments, enabling you to organize and access your HCS datasets all in the same place. Easy annotation of experiment, image data or phenotype is built in.

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OMERO Plus’ Open API connects you to analysis tools of your choice: CellProfiler™, Jupyter notebooks, OpenCV are all supported.

Our OMERO Plus plugin for CellProfiler™ allows you to store and execute CellProfiler™ pipelines headlessly on high performance computing (HPC) resources or in the cloud. Results are brought back in seamlessly. The linkage to the underlying image data allows you to take advantage of the native data management, query and visualization tools available.

Want to write your own plugins, analysis tools or client applications tailored exactly to your workflow? Java, C++, Python and MATLAB® are all supported.

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laptop showing advanced visualization options using OMERO Plus with Parade

With Parade for OMERO Plus, it’s easy to gain value and understanding from large, complex datasets: you can filter large data collections, build interactive graphs, and always maintain links to and access the underlying image data. A wealth of knowledge becomes available, resulting in better ideas and more discovery.

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We enable secure sharing with colleagues, allowing them to see exactly what you see and add their own analyses and comments, all through our secure multi-user platform.

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