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Glencoe Software builds and delivers innovative, scalable, easy-to-use scientific imaging solutions for its clients and partners. Our proven image database technology makes the viewing, sharing, analysis and management of large sets of images and metadata easy and accessible to everyone in a group, team, project or organization.

Glencoe’s products are installed and used in several world-leading academic labs, biotechs, pharmas and publishers, solving mission-critical problems in high-content screening, digital pathology, and many other modalities. Through our OEM licensing programme, our software tools are embedded in some of the world’s most powerful and market-leading software data products. We combine world-beating technology and expertise with dedicated, reliable customer support.

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Open Source Ties

The foundation of our technology derives from an open source software project, the Open Microscopy Environment (OME). We enhance the technology built and delivered under this world-leading consortium by offering on-demand customization and guaranteed support.

Where appropriate and within the bounds of our confidentiality agreements and intellectual property, we continuously contribute our code, experience and feedback to the OME project. We value and remain committed to nurturing and supporting the OME’s open source community wherever possible.

This unique, precious, two-way relationship benefits the open source OME community and our customers. Both derive value from the combined expertise, with the ultimate result being better, more powerful scientific image data solutions.

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Why Choose Us

We want to make it easier for you to do more and explore more in your next project.

Expertise and Knowledge

We bring decades of experience in science, publishing, sales, development, research, design and business. Together we craft your imaging solutions.

Quality Workmanship

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of file formats, data conversion, sharing, storage, so you can get the most out of your imaging data and analysis.

Outstanding Support

Glencoe customers rave about our dedicated support team who go the extra mile to keep the software optimized and provide timely updates.

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