Glencoe’s Bio-Formats solution is the most comprehensive scientific image translation library available with support for over 160 image file formats. It is compatible with image data files from numerous imaging domains, including:

How it Works

Bio-Formats is a Java library that expands the power and breadth of your imaging analysis capabilities. It converts image metadata into a common model and makes it accessible for any analysis software. Bio-Formats directly interfaces with common image analysis tools such as ImageJ, MATLAB®, Imaris®, CellProfiler® and several others.

Choose the right Bio-Formats Bundle that would work for you. Our bundles are tailored to the major imaging domains in which our customers specialize. We offer three options – Core, Screen, Path and Complete – each designed to give you the best Bio-Formats experience for your lab or facility.

  • Electron Microscopy

  • Light Microscopy



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