From images to instances

Manage and view analysis results alongside images

From instances to insights

Mine analysis results for rare events, without losing the image context

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Image generated from RareCyte’s Orion multiplexed imaging instrument

Pageant user interface
Pageant user interface

OMERO Plus enables the generation of image analysis results at scale and their management alongside the original images. Now with Pageant, these analytical results can be visually mined in an interface built for computational pathologists and data scientists alike.

Explore synchronized views of objects, data, and their source image for a uniquely unified perspective of your results. All within the web browser, these data views can be access from anywhere, anytime.

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Mine through your results visually in this user-friendly interface. Visualize data distribution to inform your selections. With the object-centered view, even rare populations can be easily identified and reviewed.

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Managing and exploring analytical results alongside images enables essential contextual review and maximizes the value extracted from this primary data.

Try out Pageant on your data! Pageant is currently released in beta mode. Reach out to Glencoe Software below to learn more.

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