What's New in Glencoe Software's PathViewer 3.3.5

Thank you for using PathViewer, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter. We have worked hard on adding new features to this update while listening closely to your feedback, and we have identified and resolved a number of issues.

Please note that OMERO.web versions >=5.14.0 will require PathViewer >=3.3.5 due to support for Django 3.2.x. Please read more on the Django update here.

Please find below the highlights of updates to PathViewer 3.3.5 since our most recent Release Notes.

  • Improved pixel picker tool for displaying per-channel intensities.
    • The tool is now found in the overlaid controls at the top of the center panel.
    • The tool displays a channel legend upon mouse click within the image view, including per-channel intensity values and coordinates.
  • Fixed an issue when copying ROIs owned by another user in a read annotate group.
    • This fix will apply to any newly copied ROI. To fix existing ROIs, please ask an administrator to run an added command to PathViewer Command Line Tools with instructions found here.
  • Fixed an issue where copied ROIs would not paste in the expected position. ROIs now paste at the center of the view.
  • Fixed an issue with using Blind Annotation Mode in a non-default group.
  • Fixed an issue where values in the Measurements tab could not be modified for ellipses.
  • Added support for OMERO.web 5.14.0 with support for Django 3.2.x (read more here). OMERO.web 5.14.0 or higher requires PathViewer 3.3.5 or higher.

Full bug fixes and maintenance notes can be found here

Thank you all for the continued support. We will continue to update and improve our products as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, please let us know by sending us an email at support@glencoesoftware.com