Glencoe Software are happy to announce the latest release of NGFF-Converter. Thanks to our customers and those in the bioimaging community for your use of and feedback on this tool for the conversion of bioimaging data into the open standard formats OME-NGFF and OME-TIFF.

Features and Fixes

  • NGFF-Converter now uses the latest versions of bioformats2raw (0.7.0) and raw2ometiff (0.5.0).
  • See the bioformats2raw changelog for details of new features.
  • See the raw2ometiff changelog for updates regarding the OME-TIFF conversion feature.
  • OME-TIFF conversion now supports the --split argument, which produces individual output files for each series within an image.
  • Improved repository documentation.

Read more about NGFF-Converter here.