Glencoe Software is pleased to announce a variety of new features added to the latest OMERO Plus release - including support for channel histograms, improved version reporting, and support for Bio-Formats 6.13.

To see specific version information of all components, see the section below.

Feature Highlights

Channel histogram support in PathViewer

Channel histograms have historically been supported in the OMERO.server, but only for un-tiled images of relatively small size in X and Y. With new functionality in the OMERO Plus microservices and PathViewer, histograms can now be visualized per-channel for even your largest images.

Support for Bio-Formats 6.13.0

Glencoe Software’s OMERO Plus now supports the latest Bio-Formats, highlights of which can be read here.

Improvements in OME-NGFF import

The cloud-native format OME-NGFF, using Zarr, is often used to enable image data imports to OMERO Plus from object storage such as S3. Now, thumbnails are optionally generated during the import process, which improves the usability of this data in OMERO.web and PathViewer.

OMERO Plus component versions reporting

For improved reporting of the installed versions of all OMERO Plus components, the /feedback/comment/ page has been updated in OMERO.web to reflect the versions of the OMERO Plus server, Bio-Formats, OMERO.web, and any OMERO.web plugins.


  • OMERO.server 5.6.6-132-gs-ice36
  • Glencoe’s Bio-Formats 6.13.0-585
  • omero-ms-image-region 0.8.2
  • omero-ms-pixel-buffer 0.6.3
  • omero-ms-thumbnail 0.5.7
  • omero-plus 0.5.3
  • OMERO.web 5.21.0
  • PathViewer 3.7.0

Upgrading OMERO Plus

To schedule your upgrade of OMERO Plus and take advantage of these new features, reach out to