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PNAS Selects Glencoe Software’s Data InPress for streaming in-line video

Glencoe Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ( one of the most read and cited scientific journals in the world, will use its Data InPress Video Injection Service ( to deliver video content to its readers. Videos will appear in-line within the full-text html page of research articles, positioned near to where they are referenced in the text. You can view an example in this article:

Video data are integral to scientific research articles, but they have long been relegated to the “Supporting Information” pages on the PNAS website due to the historical limitations of print media and the constraints of content workflows and platform technology. Those constraints have been overcome with Glencoe Software’s Video Injection Service. Video data are converted from any file type into standardized formats for streaming to play-in-place viewers on desktop computers, tablets, or phones.

Dana Compton, Publication Director of PNAS, said, “We are pleased to partner with Glencoe Software to offer this new streamlined presentation of video data in PNAS research articles. We strive to make all types of data in our articles as accessible as possible to our readers.” Jason Swedlow, President of Glencoe Software, Inc., said, “Video data are intrinsic to modern research reports. Our Video Injection Service places videos in their rightful location within the full text of published articles.”

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