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HighWire and Glencoe Software Partner to Deliver In-Line Video for Journal Publishers

Glencoe Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that HighWire Press, publisher of over 3,000 journals, books, reference works, and proceedings, has named Glencoe’s Data InPress Video Injection Service as a preferred partner for delivery of video content for its partner publishers. For any journal on HighWire’s JCore platform, videos can automatically be inserted into published text and viewed on any computer, phone, or tablet. You can view an example here.

Video data are integral to scientific research articles, but they have long been detached from the main articles pages on journal websites due to the limitations of print media and the constraints of content workflows and platform technology. Those constraints have been overcome with Glencoe Software’s Video Injection Service. Video data are converted from any file type into standardized formats for streaming to play-in- place viewers on desktop computers, tablets, or phones.

Dan Filby, CEO of HighWire said,

“We are happy to welcome Glencoe to our partnership program and to enable this option for the delivery of video content on our open platform. Glencoe provides a critical service that we know will benefit HighWire publishers.”

Dr. Jason Swedlow, CEO of Glencoe Software said,

“We’re excited to partner with HighWire and bring our Data InPress technology to HighWire’s JCore platform publishers. This is another example of Glencoe’s dedication to performance, service and quality being recognized by the top scientific publishers.”

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