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Glencoe Software Releases NGFF-Converter for Generating Cloud-Ready BioImaging Data

Today, Glencoe Software is pleased to announce the release of NGFF-Converter, an easy-to-use open source tool for generating cloud-friendly bioimaging data. NGFF-Converter packages Glencoe’s and the Open Microscopy Environment’s world-renowned Bio-Formats proprietary conversion library in an easy-to-use, intuitive application designed for use by scientists who are new to working with cloud formats.

Next-Generation File Formats (NGFF) are a new data storage technology that enables data and AI scientists to access specific regions of large image datasets efficiently, effectively a kind of data streaming that removes the need to download large image files to a local machine for use in advanced AI calculations. Glencoe Software and the Open Microscopy Environment (OME) developed OME-NGFF, a cloud-friendly data format optimized for multi-dimensional bioimaging datasets, such as those used in digital pathology, multiplexed imaging, and high content screening.

David Stirling, a Data Science Specialist with Glencoe Software, says “as demand for cloud-friendly technology increases, we are driven to provide utilities which help scientists adopt NGFF and thereby expand the scalability of their data management, analysis and visualisation workflows.”

Downloads for NGFF-Converter on Windows and MacOS are available here.

About Glencoe Software

At Glencoe Software, we are committed to the delivery of innovative, scalable, easy-to-use scientific image data management solutions for our clients. We make the viewing, sharing, analysis, management & integration of large sets of images and metadata easy and accessible to everyone in your team or organization with our OMERO Plus, Bio-Formats and PathViewer software products and services. Glencoe Software is the exclusive commercial partner of the Open Microscopy Environment. For more information, visit our website. Those interested in commercial licenses for OMERO Plus can contact Glencoe Software at

About the Open Microscopy Environment

The Open Microscopy Environment produces open source tools to support data management for microscopy with a commitment to building and releasing high quality, open source, well-supported software for the scientific imaging community. OMEs Bio-Formats and OMERO projects are funded by peer-reviewed grants and are undertaken as collaborations with academic, industrial or commercial partners, so that the development of new tools and capabilities is always tied to real world, scientific use cases. Open source OMERO is publicly available.

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