We are thrilled to release PathViewer 3.8.0, which includes new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Whether you're focused on handling highly multiplexed images or seeking streamlined RGB visualisation controls, we believe this update will improve your workflows with PathViewer.

Please note that PathViewer 3.8.0 requires Django 4.2 which itself requires Python 3.8 or later.

Here’s a look at the new features in PathViewer 3.8.0:

  • Enabled support for highly multiplexed images with >100 channels, including making URLs more concise by describing rendering settings for active channels only.
  • Introduced a gamma slider for RGB images in PathViewer GRID based on user feedback.
  • Added enriched channel metadata to the user interface in an expandable info section per-channel.
  • Tags with leading or trailing whitespace are now compatible with the image list filtering functionality in PathViewer.
  • Broader support for RGB image detection and rendering mode, accommodating a wider variety of RGB images.
  • Added a checkbox in Viewing Options for disabling label image object highlight on hover.
  • Added support for the configuration of PathViewer as the viewer for all images by default (added in PathViewer 3.7.1)

In addition to these highlighted features, we’ve also tackled a variety of other issues, continuing our commitment to refining the software and delivering the best possible experience.

  • Fixed the display of long pixel values in the pixel picker.
  • Load channel histograms only when viewed, rather than on page load, to better support images with high channel counts.
  • The keyboard shortcuts using the “shift” key have been clarified in user documentation (added in PathViewer 3.7.1)

For a comprehensive rundown of all changes, please head to our changelog. And if you want to revisit our past versions, take a look at our Release Notes for PathViewer 3.7.0.

Your feedback is highly valued, and we earnestly act upon it. If you face any challenges or have suggestions, please reach out to us at support@glencoesoftware.com. We are grateful for your support, and we hope you enjoy the innovations in PathViewer 3.8.0!