The latest OMERO Plus release includes both new features as well as important dependency upgrades.

To see specific version information of all components, see the section below.

Feature Highlights

Django 4

With the latest release of PathViewer 3.8.0 and OMERO.web 5.23.0 (see the release notes here and here), OMERO Plus requires Python version 3.8 and Django 4.2. Glencoe Software and OME have released new versions of the most popular OMERO.web apps for compatibility with Django 4.2.

Java 11

The full OMERO Plus stack now requires minimally Java 11.

Process cleanup improvements

Glencoe Software previously reported issues with process cleanup in OMERO.server, which in particular caused memory leaks over time via imports. We released omero-pc-steward to resolve this issue. Now, omero-pc-steward is automatically bundled with OMERO Plus, and no further intervention beyond the upgrade is required to take advantage of this resolution.

Improvements in SSO support

OMERO Plus now supports simple attribute mapping in our OIDC integration. Please reach out to Glencoe Software about supporting your preferred IdP in OMERO Plus.

Maintenance reporting

The OMERO Plus maintenance page is new and improved for consistency with other branding across the application.

Support for Bio-Formats 7

OMERO Plus now supports the latest Bio-Formats, highlights of which can be read here.

Support for OMERO.server 5.6.9

OMERO Plus now includes the latest OMERO.server, highlights of which can be seen in the open source OMERO.server 5.6.9 release notes from OME here.

Improvements in cloud deployment support

AWS provides two versions of the IMDS service used to access EC2 instance metadata - see here. IMDSv2 was released in November 2019 and uses a session-oriented requests where a token needs to be retrieved via a preliminary PUT request. The OMERO Plus dependency aws-sdk-java has been upgraded to a version supporting IMDSv2.

Dependency reporting

Glencoe Software has worked to improve our documentation of licensing and dependencies for OMERO Plus. These can now be viewed here.


  • OMERO.server 5.6.9-162-gs-ice36
  • Glencoe’s Bio-Formats 7.0.0-624
  • omero-ms-image-region 0.8.5
  • omero-ms-pixel-buffer 0.6.3
  • omero-ms-thumbnail 0.5.7
  • omero-plus 0.6.0
  • OMERO.web 5.23.0
  • PathViewer 3.8.1

Upgrading OMERO Plus

To schedule your upgrade of OMERO Plus and take advantage of these new features, reach out to