We are happy to release PathViewer 3.9.0, which includes new features and performance improvements. Whether you're focused on streamlined viewing, annotation, or data mining, we believe this update will improve your workflows with PathViewer.

Highlight: Label image performance improvements

In PathViewer 3.9.0, we’ve significantly improved the visualization of object-level results overlays, termed label images (such as segmentation and classification), especially for images with many label images or large object counts. In this new version, the data model for linking OME-Zarr label images (OMERO ROI) to object-level features (OMERO.tables) has changed to achieve this performance improvement.

OMERO.tables must now be linked to the related ROI object to be detected in PathViewer. Image links are still supported, but ignored by PathViewer. PathViewer will display a warning within the Data tab on any OMERO.tables missing ROI links. Glencoe Software’s upgrade process will update linkages on any existing tables.

Users of the OMERO Segmentation Connector, ROI_Converter_NGFF, or other custom tooling to generate OME-Zarr label images should reach out to Glencoe Software regarding an upgrade to the latest version of these tools.


Here’s a look at the other new features in PathViewer 3.9.0:

  • A new link button in PathViewer’s Data tab creates a shareable link to a label image display for bookmarking or to share with other users.
  • Updated pixel picker tool for improved visibility of long pixel values.
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts to enable quick access to PathViewer’s tools such as pixel intensity, image drag, ROI select/edit, and each ROI drawing tool. Check out PathViewer’s Help menu for key bindings and more information.
  • Extended support for zooming in/out using the numpad’s plus/minus keys.

For a comprehensive rundown of all changes, please head to our changelog. And if you want to revisit our past versions, take a look at our Release Notes for PathViewer 3.8.0.

Your feedback is highly valued. If you face any challenges or have suggestions, please reach out to us at support@glencoesoftware.com. We are grateful for your support, and we hope you enjoy the improvements in PathViewer 3.9.0!