Glencoe Software presents a supported, vendor-neutral and domain-agnostic alternative to the sunset of Revvity™’s Columbus™ and Columbus+™ offerings.


Columbus™ and Columbus+™ are data management and analysis systems sold by Revvity™. They are quite popular in the HCS data analytics community and are mentioned in >900 publications. Revvity™, discontinued support for their Columbus™ and Columbus+™ data management systems on March 25, 2024. Consequently, these platforms will no longer receive technical support or critical updates, potentially leaving users unable to access their valuable data. Those who have not transitioned to Revvity™’s new platform, Signals Image Artist™, face the challenge of finding an alternative solution to manage and analyze their high-content imaging data. In this post, we will introduce OMERO Plus as a modern, flexible and robust alternative for users transitioning from Columbus™.


Columbus™, launched in Sept 2009, was initially developed and released by PerkinElmer Inc, and based on the then-current OMERO 4 version. The last update in the OMERO 4 series was released in April 2014. When OMERO 5 was introduced in February 2014, it brought with it substantial architectural enhancements, including a new data model that allowed for registration of imaging data in its original format. This advance significantly reduced the need for data conversion and duplication. Despite these improvements, Columbus™ remained on the older OMERO 4 version, missing out on critical updates. As the technology landscape continued to evolve, the gap between Columbus™ and newer platforms like OMERO 5 widened, highlighting the need for users to consider a migration to a modern solution offering better scalability, flexibility and interoperability.

Where is OMERO Plus now?

The OMERO Plus platform has evolved significantly, now offering enhanced performance, compatibility with cloud-native workflows, and integration with various analysis tools and computing environments. Its modular architecture simplifies updates and maintenance, adheres to security requirements like Single Sign-On (SSO), and supports over 170 bioimaging file formats, catering to a broad range of imaging modalities.

OMERO Plus provides flexible deployment options, from on-site workstations to fully hosted cloud solutions, with all installations backed by warranties, indemnification, and comprehensive support from the Glencoe team.

How are we different from other vendors?

Together, OME and Glencoe have been dedicated to enhancing the OMERO platform over the past 20 years, offering unmatched expertise in managing imaging data across diverse hardware settings and scales. We support a range of customers, including biotech startups, imaging cores, CROs, universities, and large pharmaceutical companies. Our team collaborates closely with IT departments and end users to deliver a robust, efficient, and future-proof data management solution tailored to the strategic and scientific needs of our customers. As a dedicated software company, our primary focus is on developing high-quality software solutions. This commitment ensures that we continually innovate and adapt our software product to the latest technological advancements and industry standards, setting us apart from the hardware vendors.

What are your options with OMERO Plus?

Since Columbus™ is based on OMERO 4, there is a clear upgrade path available for its components: the database, the image files, and OMERO itself. In addition, by transitioning to OMERO 5, you can leverage the latest features and enjoy continued support from Glencoe Software.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from several deployment strategies: Centralized OMERO Plus, OMERO Plus on a dedicated server or workstation or Cloud-native OMERO Plus.

Here is how Glencoe Software can help you keep your Columbus data current and available for your ongoing and future research:

  • Existing OMERO Plus Installations: If your organization already uses OMERO Plus, we can facilitate the export of your images and metadata from Columbus™ and integrate them into your existing system.
  • No Centralized OMERO Plus: For organizations without a centralized OMERO Plus, we can set up OMERO Plus on your hardware and migrate your Columbus™ database to this new platform.
  • Merging Multiple Installations: If your organization has several Columbus™ installations, we can help consolidate these into a single OMERO Plus deployment. This consolidation will streamline your data management, simplify operations, and enhance overall system efficiency by centralizing your imaging data and resources.

We’re excited to assist you with on premises, cloud or fully hosted installations. The flexibility of OMERO Plus allows us to build solutions that adapt to and grow with your needs.

How to start?

Contact us at and we’re more than happy to evaluate your system and provide a roadmap for a transition to OMERO Plus.

Columbus™, Columbus+™, Revvity™, and Signals Image Artist™ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Revvity Inc.