Whether your organization is an established Fortune 500 pharmaceutical or an agile biotech startup work together with us on a comprehensive review and analysis of your organization’s current practices and deployment goals. The image database experts here at Glencoe Software will work closely with one or more teams in your organization to discover your existing state and make recommendations for how to make meaningful progress toward a better solution that fits them as closely as possible.

We’ll work across your organization to help select the right deployment solutions for you. By equipping your team with the knowledge they need to evaluate, implement, document, and design a workflow, we’ll optimize the solution for your image data needs:

arrow uploading into the cloud

Let us create a comprehensive plan for moving your users, projects, and images to our database management solution in the cloud. We’ll work together to migrate your metadata and establish a cultural and technical foundation for a productive cloud native or hybrid cloud environment.

two buildings besides each other

Let us deploy and seamlessly integrate our image database solution with the rest of your on premises ecosystem taking advantage of staff and capital hardware investments you have already made. We’ll help you understand all of the features so we can do so with confidence.

How can we help with the installation?

Let’s build a customized image data solution that meets all of your needs.