We offer two license types - Commercial and OEM - for our OMERO Plus customers, providing them their own private support network, guaranteed response times, a dedicated support line and access to customization services.

An OMERO Plus Commercial License is right for you if you need the following:

  • OMERO Plus
    Commercial License
  • Access to proprietary Glencoe OMERO Plug-ins
  • An image data management platform covered by a warranty, guarantee and/or indemnity
  • To extend or customize OMERO or integrate it with other applications
  • Expert services or support for your data management applications
  • Help with planning, testing, scaling, deployment, maintenance or upgrading OMERO
  • Support for data types that are currently not provided by OME
  • Guaranteed response times or a dedicated support team
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The list of all OMERO Plus third-party dependencies alongside their associated licenses is available here.

An OMERO Plus OEM License is right for you if you are doing the following:

  • OMERO Plus
    OEM License
  • Have your own software / hardware imaging product
  • Already use Bio-Formats
  • Want to include an image data management solution in your imaging product
  • Need warranty or indemnification
  • Need a commercial license for OMERO Plus
  • Learn more

Need an OMERO Plus License?

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