Learn more about the features that make PathViewer the most powerful, easy-to-use viewing and annotation tool available for digital pathology.

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laptop display showing a digital pathology image with regions of interest (ROI) on PathViewer, Glencoe Software’s digital pathology solution

Better performance when panning and zooming, predictive preloading of images, keyboard shortcuts, revamped freehand drawing tools, and much more:

  • Arbitrary rotation and flipping
  • Optional kinetic drag
  • Configurable arrow key percentage panning for easier systematic slide review
  • Revamped freehand drawing tools, including:
    • Better freehand line tool
    • New freehand closed region tool
  • Dragless panning mode
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View and draw on multiple images at the same time, sync your views, and copy/paste annotations between images with ease.

We’ve also extended the left-hand panel of PathViewer to include bi-directional navigation between PathViewer and PathViewer GRID, keyboard navigation of image listing, and tag/name filtering

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laptop display showing digital pathology images with regions of interest (ROI) on four separate panels via PathViewer GRID, Glencoe Software’s digital pathology solution
laptop display demonstrating the export feature to PDF of PathViewer, Glencoe Software’s digital pathology solution

You can set any image to export for publication or sharing with the click of a button. Include annotations, scale bar, slide overview, all at arbitrary DPI and in a multitude of formats that include PDF, TIFF, and PNG.

All the while, you maintain the ability to return to PathViewer settings that were the source for an export.

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Exploring images with a large number of probes can be challenging. To simplify existing visualization workflows and allow creation of new ones, PathViewer supports the organization of channels into groups. There are no limitations on the number of channels or the number of groups so you are free to create new visualizations and explore your data however you wish. Use PathViewer GRID to streamline the review of multiplexed images with views of each channel or channel group side-by-side.

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laptop display showing fluorescence image with multiple channels arranged in groups using PathViewer, Glencoe Software’s digital pathology solution
laptop display showing digital pathology image with two regions of interest (ROIs) using PathViewer, Glencoe Software’s digital pathology solution

PathViewer lets you use a formatted image description, a searchable list of text annotations, and as many ROIs as you like. You can generate all annotation types in a web browser, or view and interact with text and ROI annotations added by an analysis tool. Big complex data are easy and fast to access, securely share, and understand.

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Explore analysis results overlaid with the images in PathViewer and PathViewer GRID. Results come from your analysis platform of choice, with support for rich object-level measurements or classification. Filter and color objects to enable visual data mining and comparative workflows.

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laptop display showing fluorescence image with multiple channels and analytical results overlaid using PathViewer, Glencoe Software’s digital pathology solution

Built to work seamlessly with Glencoe’s OMERO Plus and OMERO from OME, PathViewer is a dedicated solution tailored to support the digital pathology workflow. This web browser-based platform agnostic application allows you to visualize, annotate and share pathology images—simply and from anywhere you work.

desktop image of globe icon on screen

With our Bio-Formats natively supporting over 150 different file formats, you can work with your preferred scanner and favorite analysis software easily.

three stacks of blocks representing ease of scalability

OMERO Plus is designed to support a growing user base and can scale with your business as it goes from 5 to 500+ employees.

server storage icon

OMERO Plus is designed and architected to address the challenge of large, heterogeneous data sets regardless of the size of the organization.

Creating a product specifically for pathologists involves carefully selecting and developing features that would enhance existing workflows. This includes the following features:
undo and redo icons

Edit, update, and experiment with confidence knowing that you have full undo/redo functionality available for all operations.

copy paste icon with sample illustrated ROI

Copy and paste one or more regions of interest (ROIs) either within or between images.

icon of cursor on top of browser window

No need to install any new software. Connect to your data using your preferred browser, anywhere, anytime.

icon of simple user interface

The intuitive interface was designed with the user in mind, providing the essential tools and functionality.

a ruler measuring a sample illustrated ROI

Being able to draw polylines, polygons, ellipses, rectangles, and points along with the ability to zoom in and out while drawing enable precision and extra level of detail.

icon of multiple users

Collaborate securely when, how and with whom you want. Multiple users can work on the same image or dataset independently or simultaneously.

a user reading a manual

You control who can access the data and determine who can read, write and/or annotate.

brightfield and fluorescence images with brightness and contrast icons

Make color and contrast level adjustments, assign specific colors to channels, turn channels on and off, and manage image intensity settings without losing the original data.

icon of barcode on document representing a slide

View the essential details from your acquisition platform with a series of viewing panels which you can toggle on or off with the click of a button.

three images showing various stages of rotation

Multiple levels of fast, stepwise zoom are available, as well as rotation to 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

icon of cursor on top of two stacked browser windows

Replicate your current view as many times as you like, easily allowing side by side comparison of images.

icon of link being shareable

Sharing your exact view with others is as simple as copy and paste. Quickly and easily share a region of interest (ROI) at an exact magnification and with choice of settings.

icon of export arrow on top of three different images

Export your image files and post them on presentations, submit them for publication, and share them with whomever you wish.

PathViewer by Glencoe Software

Our team comprises decades of experience in computational image informatics and our solutions are used in thousands of institutions worldwide to power big image data discovery. We can provide everything needed to accelerate department-wide implementation and successfully move you to a digital pathology environment. Custom linkage to internal electronic lab notebooks (ELN) with the option to create customizable properties is also possible.

PathViewer by Glencoe Software

We provide comprehensive levels of support and service based on your needs. Installation, software and system architecture support as well as performance tuning and monitoring can all be covered. Our dedicated team of professionals will tailor a solution to fit your organization’s needs and keep everything running long after installation.

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