Glencoe Software's PathViewer 3.10.0 released! Check out the new features in the release notes.

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Based on constantly evolving open source technology, our image database technologies allow you to view, share, annotate and even analyze large image files anywhere within a single software interface. All of our products are backed by excellent customer service and support. Check out our solutions for High-Content Screening Solution and Digital Pathology Solution.

The OMERO Plus enterprise image database lets you view, share, analyze, mine and manage data your way. Explore more as we provide the solution for your everyday image data management.

The licensed Bio-Formats solution from Glencoe Software is the most comprehensive scientific image translation library available with support for over 160 image file formats from various imaging domains.

PathViewer is an interactive visualization, analysis, and annotation tool that, along with the OMERO Plus enterprise image database, is specifically tailored for the digital pathology workflow.

NGFF-Converter packages Bio-Formats in an easy-to-use application designed to generate the cloud-optimized data format OME-NGFF. This technology makes working with bioimaging data in the cloud easier, faster and more cost effective.

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