Thank you for using PathViewer! We have worked hard on the new features in this update. Please find below some highlights to the new per-user functionality for channel groups, label image displays, and ROI display order.

New Feature Highlights

User Channel Groups

You can now create and view multiple channel groups, each with custom channel groupings and rendering settings! You can select from the available channel groups by using a new dropdown menu that organizes all the channel groups created by their owner. New channel groups can be made from scratch, or simply duplicate another user’s channel groups and make them your own. User channel groups can also be renamed, starred, and deleted.

Tip: You can share a view of your image including the current zoom, position, and channel groups with other users, so they see exactly what you want them to see. It’s as simple as sharing the PathViewer URL!

Label Image Displays

Label images represent an overlay of analytical results, such as image segmentation or classification, and are supported in PathViewer. Read more about this functionality in our blog post.

Label images can be filtered or colored based on features of each label or object, a concept called “Label Groups” in PathViewer. You can now create multiple collections of label groups per user, termed “Label Image Displays”, to define a unique visualization. Users can view the label image displays of their colleagues, enabling collaborative analytical data exploration and visualization!

Tip: The new label image displays are accompanied by a CLI tool to list, get and set label image groups, enabling quick creation of standard label image displays across a collection of images. More information here.

User ROI Order List

The order of ROI drawing impacts their visualization, and different users or workflows might require a different ROI display order. You can now create your own ROI display orders and choose which ROIs are on top!

Tip: Find more information on PathViewer API for ROI display order here.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

Please find below the highlights of PathViewer 3.4.0. For previous updates, please see our most recent Release Notes.

  • Improved the color palette to provide more color choices
  • Improved the clarity of left-hand side panel when scrolling
  • Improved clarity on which channel groups are editable in the context of multi-user channel groups.
  • Added new configuration options for branding customization
  • Added “Open in PathViewer” button under the PathViewer tab in OMERO.web
  • Added “powered by PathViewer” when using a custom logo
  • Added channel slider support for floating-point pixel values
  • Added alt/option + left click on the zoom button to zoom in or out according to the image’s predefined magnification levels
  • Added a button in the ROI tab to copy links of selected ROIs as markdown
  • Fixed an issue with handling pyramid detection error.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes incorrect resolution levels are used in the current view
  • Fixed an issue when disabling a channel via the channel legend in PathViewer GRID
  • Fixed an issue with the display of label images rendering partially or overflowing at different zoom levels
  • Fixed an issue where tags would sometimes be displayed twice in the left-hand side panel
  • Fixed a bug with rotating slide labels
  • Fixed a bug where the login button doesn’t redirect users to OMERO Plus login
  • Other improvements and bug fixes

Full bug fixes and maintenance notes can be found here.

Thank you all for your continued support, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter. We will continue to, update, improve and add new features to our products. If you experience any issues, please let us know by sending us an email to