We are excited to announce the release of PathViewer 3.10.0, bringing a host of new features and performance improvements designed to enable new workflows.

Highlighted workflows

Human in the Loop Annotations for AI/ML

Freehand shapes drawn in PathViewer are now editable, allowing for human-driven refinement during the annotation process. Often referred to as “human in the loop”, this workflow improves the inputs used for model training.

PathViewer has previously supported the selection of a predefined style (color, label, etc.) for ROIs upon creation, released in PathViewer 3.5. These predefined styles can now be applied to existing ROIs, enabling a classification workflow.

Together, these features enable an iterative, human-in-the-loop, workflow for ML/AI model training.

Controlled Digital Pathology Review

A virtual slide tray can be created using the new “Add to PathViewer” menu option. Regardless of whether images are already grouped in a Dataset, the left-hand menu of PathViewer can be populated with the relevant set of images for review.

The left-hand slide list in PathViewer can now be filtered by key-value pairs, including populated dropdowns based on existing keys and value. This further improves search and categorization of slides for review.

Together, users can now easily compile and review a tailored set of slides, enhancing the efficiency of the pathology review process.

Other new features

  • Significant performance enhancements for label images have been made across multiple areas to improve efficiency in rendering label images.
  • Added a direct link back to the image in OMERO.web within the left hand slide list in PathViewer.

Bugfixes and Maintenance

  • Improved security and performance by eliminating JSONP calls.
  • Updated dependencies to maintain compatibility and leverage new features.

For a comprehensive list of all changes, please head to our changelog. And if you want to revisit our past versions, take a look at our Release Notes for PathViewer 3.9.0.

Your feedback is highly valued. If you face any challenges or have suggestions, please reach out to us at support@glencoesoftware.com. We are grateful for your support, and we hope you enjoy the improvements in PathViewer 3.10.0!